Bé Neit

Pronunciation: bey NEYD

Other Spellings: Be Neit, Bé Néit

Associations: war, battle, combat

Land Specific Associations: Ailech Néit / Grianán Ailech

Known and Suspected Family: husband Néit

Etymology: “wife of Neit” or “woman of battle”

Notable Myths:

  • Lebor Gabála Érenn / The Book of the Takings of Ireland / The Book of Invasions
  • Táin Bó Cúailnge



This is another goddess that may be chalked up to scribal error. When she appears alongside Badb and Nemain to frighten the armies in the Táin, it reads: “Badb, Bé Neit, and Nemain.” This could be a typo for “Badb, who is wife of Neit, and Nemain.”

Outside of the Táin, Bé Neit is only referred to with her husband Néit. This further leads to the conclusion that Bé Neit is another Morrígan who is married to Néit, given the title of “Bé Neit.”



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