Pronunciation: FEY-ah

Other Spellings: Fea

Associations: cattle, pain, burial grounds

Land Associations: Mag Fea

Known and Suspected Family: sister Némain, parent Elcmar, husband Néit

Etymology: uncertain; fé is an expression use to express grief as well as to describe a wooden stave used to measure graves

Notable Myths:

  • Lebor Gabála Érenn / The Book of the Takings of Ireland / The Book of Invasions


Little to nothing is known about this deity. There is a theory that she was a tutelary goddess of the land that got absorbed into the Morrígan. Morpheus Ravenna writes, “She would appear to be a tutelary Goddess identified with the land and possibly eponymous ancient ancestral figures who cleared primordial forests and established the plains of Ireland, and may be identified with burial mounds.” (page 118.)

In almost instance Féa is mentioned, she is related as Néit’s wife alongside Némain. These associations seem to be the only reason for her to be included in the Morrígan group.


Works Cited

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