Pronunciation: AHR-ih-ved

Other Spellings: Airmid, Airmeith, Airmedh

Associations: herbs, well of Sláine, healing, mortar and pestle, cloak / brat

Known and Suspected Family:  Dian Cecht (father), Miach (brother), Cian (brother), Ochtriullach (brother)

Etymology: possibly a container used to measure — to count grain

Notable Myths: 

  •  Cath Maige Tuired / The Second Battle of Mag Tuired


Wikipedia does a nice job summarizing the primary myth people know Airmed from:

After her jealous father [Dian Cecht] slew her brother, Miach, Airmed wept over her brother’s grave. Watered by her tears, all the healing herbs of the world sprung from the earth over Miach’s body, and Airmed collected and organized them all, spreading them on her cloak. Once again, their father lashed out, and scattered the herbs. For this reason, no living human knows all the secrets of herbalism. Only Airmed remembers.

Some versions of the story include how the amount of herbs collected were 365, with one for each sinew and joint, and one for every possible bodily ailment (Daimler.)

Airmed is also mentioned in Cath Maige Tuired as chanting over the healing well at Sláine that could cure mortally wounded warriors in the battle.

And that’s where the lore stops with Airmed, unfortunately. But from what we know, we can gather that she is a goddess of considerable skill in healing — especially with herbs.


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