Dian Cecht

Pronunciation: Dee-an Kah-t

Associations: healing, surgery, doctors, healing wells

Known and Suspected Family:  Miach (son), Airmed (daughter), Cian (son), Ochtriullach (son), Lugh (grandson)

Etymology: Dian means “swift, eager” and Cecht is a “plow”

Notable Myths: 

  •  Cath Maige Tuired / The Second Battle of Mag Tuired


Seen as the founder of the profession of medicine, Dian Cecht is known as being the Tuatha Dé Danann’s doctor and healer. He fashions together Nuada’s silver arm after Nuada loses his arm. His son, Miach, decides to do better and heals Nuada’s arm completely. In jealously, he murders Miach. Then, when his daughter Airmed picks herbs from her brother’s grave and organizes their healing properties, Dian Cecht scatters the herbs so no one can know their ability to heal. During the battle, Dian Cecht — along with his children Miach, Airmed, and Ochtriullach — are tending the healing well at Sláine that revives nearly dead warriors in the battle.

Dian Cecht is thus known as being a superb healer, with a lot of knowledge of medicine and healing magic.

For some, Dian Cecht is a figure to avoid. His actions in the myth involving his children are reminders of child abuse, and the myth makes it clear that Dian Cecht’s motives were jealously. Of course, not everyone sees Dian Cecht this way.

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