Pronunciation: Me-ah

Associations: healing, surgery, reconstruction surgery, well of Sláine

Known and Suspected Family:  Dian Cecht (father), Airmed (sister), Cian (brother), Ochtriullach (brother)

Etymology: possibly an unit of measurement used specifically for grain

Notable Myths: 

  •  Cath Maige Tuired / The Second Battle of Mag Tuired


Miach fully heals Nuada’s arm, either by reattaching the arm that was chopped off or by finding a peasant to donate his arm. Either way, Miach reattaches the arm sinew to sinew, bone to bone. It takes nine days and nine nights of working and healing for the arm to fully attach itself and work with Nuada’s body. After, Nuada is pleased with the results but Miach’s father Dian Cecht is not. In jealously, Dian Cecht attacks Miach. With each attack, Miach heals himself until Dian Cecht slices Miach’s head clean off. Miach’s sister, Airmed, buries Miach and from his grave grows healing herbs. Airmed collects these herbs, but Dian Cecht then scatters them.

Later in the story, Miach is alive and well while tending the well at Sláine with his father, brother Ochtriullach, and sister Airmed. As though nothing had happened.

Miach is definitely a god of healing, medicine, and surgery. In particular, reconstruction surgery as seen with his reattachment of Nuada’s arm.


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