Gaelic Polytheist Community

This page contains links to other websites and other people. If you want to be included in the helpful people list, or have an online and/or in-person community that you wish to share, please visit “How to Get Involved.”

Helpful People You Can Contact With Questions

  • Chris or Boggan – Gaelic Polytheist (focusing mainly on Irish deities)
    Personal Tumblr || Religious Tumblr (prefers Tumblr)
  • Eddie Marsson – Gaelic Polytheism
    Personal Tumblr || Manannán eshrine (or Tumblr)
  • Lea – Irish Polytheism
    Personal Tumblr || WordPress (or Tumblr) (or WordPress)
  • Majorie –  Irish Polytheism (devotee of the Morrígan)
    Tumblr || WordPress (or Tumblr)
  • Marcella or Allec – Irish-Focused Gaelic Polytheism
    Tumblr || WordPress (or Tumblr)

Online Communities

Offline Communities