How to Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with this guide.

Contacting The Guide: comments, feedback, and criticism
Most pages and blog articles have comments turned off, so the main way to contact the blog to offer comment, feedback, or criticism is via email: guidetogaelicpolytheism @ . 

Feedback is super important. If you notice dead-links, misspellings, problematic content, accessibility issues, or really anything, feel free to let me know.

Criticism is also important. If you disagree with an article, want to challenge a way of thinking, or something else along those lines, do not hesitate to email an article with those views.

Make requests
If there is something you would like to see included in The Guide, please email me your suggestion and it will be considered.

Submit a link to the Encyclopedia
The Encyclopedia is generated from the articles on this blog, therefore direct content submissions are not open for the Encyclopedia. However, if you have written about the subject of an Encyclopedia entry and want it to be mentioned, please do send an email with a link to your work.

Add to the Gaelic Holidays Page
As with the Encyclopedia, The Gaelic Holiday Page and the pages listed on it are generated by the articles on this blog, therefore content submissions are not open for them. However, if you would like a holiday that is not listed to be included, please submit a request via email.

If you would like to add your perspectives regarding a holiday or celebration, please email either with a link to your article or include a quote (and how you would like to be quoted on the relevant page).

Submit a guide or how-to
If you have written a guide or how to, please link it in an email to The Guide. Please only submit work you have personally created or contributed to.

Submit an Article or Review
If you have written an online-article or review you would like The Guide to link to, please include it in an email. Please only submit work you have personally created or contributed to.

Add to the Gaelic Communities List
Be it a local or online community, if you know of a community of good hospitality and honor, please email to let us know. If it’s an in-person community, make sure to include the location and best way to reach the organizer. (And yes, you may send in groups that are not strictly Gaelic Polytheists but are open to Gaelic Polytheists–such as a general polytheist group.)

Add to the More Resource pages
The Guide always need more resources! Whether it be a blog, a book, a prayer, etc etc… Please share it via the email! These resources must be links to other reachable websites.

Of course, please feel free to link to The Guide to Gaelic Polytheism on your blog, tumblr, twitter, etc, as a way of promoting it! A resource is nothing if not shared and used.