FAQ on the Guide

What is the purpose of this guide?
Explained in depth on the “About the Guide” page, but the short is that this guide is meant to be an accessible resource for new and old Gaelic Polytheists.

Who is behind the blog? Who is writing everything?
Unless otherwise note, Allec Guire is the backbone of the guide’s writing.

Is this blog the Be All End All to Gaelic Polytheism?
Not at all! No! Don’t think that! Make your own things! Submit your opinions!

How do I submit feedback to the blog?
See the page “How to Get Involved.

Can I submit to the guide?
Yes please! See the page “How to Get Involved.

Can I submit or contribute if I’m not a Reconstructionist or Revivalist?

I disagree with something written on the guide.
This will of course happen. Criticism and differing opinions are welcomed on this guide. Please see the page “How to Get Involved” for how to contribute your criticism so the guide can grow.

I love this idea. Can I make my own website that is similar or even identical to your mission?
YES. The more resources the Gaelic Polytheist community has, the better!